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Project Börse is a brand new German company that specialises not only in helping German entrepreneurs but supports worldwide individuals and companies to succeed with their websites or web shops. Most entrepreneurs know that without a website, a company can hardly survive in the digital age. In particular, not with the advancing Millennials. Once this generation has become fully established in the business world, many changes, in the way business, is made, will be seen. Millennials are notorious for doing everything from the Internet. In order to attract the attention of this new generation of entrepreneurs, businesses without a website will not get ahead in the future.

Although this is widely known, there are still some companies that shy away from their own website. The reasons mentioned are such as:

  • A website is too expensive
  • It’s too time-consuming
  • Do I have to hire new staff to look after the website
  • Lack of technical knowledge

If you think one of the above reasons applies to you, then the Project Börse is the answer to all your concerns. There is a reason why our company is called a marketplace. Here you will find countless, already finished web projects waiting for a buyer. Purchasing a suitable website for your company, shop, blog, start-up, etc. has never been so easy. Better yet, you do not even have to live in Germany to exploit the full potential of our providers. Wherever in the world you are sitting and wondering about your lack of web presence, buying a website will make you sleep soundly again.

Why buying a website, webshop or web project?

One of the most obvious reasons for buying a website is that all the websites we offer have been created by experts in the field. Also, these websites are already online for some time and have proven themselves through Google rankings, clicks, etc. Buying a website saves you from the often tedious building of the site, especially if your business is still in the process of getting established. That’s the time when people usually do not have the time to look after a website as well.

And even if you create a website yourself, the disadvantage is, you start right at the bottom of the Google ranking. If you purchase a website, you buy the web presence as well. Your web project is no longer unknown.

Buying a website is like entering a fully furnished shop. Payment options and shelves are already there. All that is left to do for you is filling the shelves with your product and make money. Even the data provided by website manufacturer only needs to be replaced with your own data.

Too easy, you ask? Not if you buy a website.

The advantage is that the basic idea already exists and in many cases, there are also data and rankings available. Even if you do not have any cash available at the moment, when buying a website, you can start your own start-up and think about the money later.

Many of the websites you can purchase come already with an inbuilt blog. You only need to get a little creative, and you are ready to advertise goal-oriented. Meet your costumers where they are and inform them about your service/product or inform them about price offers and upcoming events.

What we particularly like about the Project Börse, we have created a win-win situation for those who are wanting to buy a website and those who are offering websites. A balance of supply and demand regarding websites gives each party the opportunity to build a lucrative business

Which projects or websites are available?

  • Amazon Affiliate Project
  • Drop shipping Store
  • Info Blog
  • Own shop with warehouse
  • Amazon FBA

The above websites and projects are among the most requested online projects of our time!

Amazon Affiliate Project

The Amazon Affiliate Project, also known as a partnership program, is a business agreement in which you sign up and sell a product on so-called niche sites. The part of the profits will be paid by the company that produces the product to you as a seller. The principle is no different than selling a product in a shop on commission, only in this case you do it online.

The payout starts at 5% and increases as your sales rate increases. However, there are differences between different products. For example, for many electronic devices, the commission has been reduced to 1%.

All you have to do is signing up for the Affiliate Project, and after approval, you can start selling your product right away.

Reasons why an Amazon Affiliate Project works especially well for beginners:

  • Trust – Amazon has a good reputation, Amazon is consistent and has proven itself over many years
  • Huge selection of products – Amazon has the world’s largest supply of everything that you can buy.
  • Easy login and a good overview
  • Links can be easily integrated
  • Custom widgets
  • Fair commission: 5 – 20%, depending on how many products you sell.

Drop shipping store

Drop shipping is a relatively risk-free online company, where you actually only take on the distribution of goods. In other words, you offer the goods in your online store, your customer orders and pays for them, and only then do you purchase the goods from the wholesaler and deliver them to the customer.


  • No storage costs

Info Blog, monetised with AdSense

Basically, you create a blog on a specific topic, service or product supporting it with a video. With Google AdSense, you can market your product or service without worrying about SEO or keywords. Google „recognises“ your product and displays relevant videos and advertisements.

You simply log in to Blogger, then to Google AdSense. – It can be a bit tricky here because if your blog does not comply with Google AdSense regulations, this option will not be available to you.


  • Added value for the customer


  • To earn money, you need a lot of visitors
  • The content needs to be regularly updated to keep it interesting and relevant

You own the shop and warehouse

The benefits here are obvious. You are the master of your own company and have optimal control.


  • Storage costs
  • You must purchase all the goods

Amazon FBA – (Fulfilment by Amazon) – Processing by Amazon.

Basically, it’s about selling products through Amazon. You have no direct contact with the customer, but you are responsible for the procurement and sale of the goods. Logistics including shipping, storage and order processing is handled by your fulfilment provider – in this example Amazon.


  • The entry into the trade is relatively easy – Amazon has a lot of regular costumers therefor your business can grow quickly.
  • High chances of winning with popular products


  • Capital-intensive. If you have little capital available, you may not get the company up and running.
  • Risk: You are liable with 100% for all damages
  • Fees: Amazon wants to be paid for the service to your shop. Inform yourself about all costs in detail!



25.000,-€ €

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800.00 €

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50.000 Euro VB €


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1,000.00 €

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950.00 €

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200,000.00 €

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*Enormes Potential**Nische**Starke Gewinne*

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*Starke Umsätze**Hohes Potential*

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