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Selling your website

The Projekt Börse gives people the opportunity not only to buy websites and online stores; you can also use our platform to sell your already existing website.

There are various reasons why people sell their online enterprise. In most cases, this is a decision that has developed over weeks, even months, but eventually, it’s time. The decision cannot be postponed any longer, and you have to announce your website or online shop for sale. Those are never decisions which were made overnight.

Similar to selling your websites or web shops, there are various rules that you should observe to ensure that the sale also will be a success. In this article, I would like to offer you an overview of what to look for before you put your website/shop on the market.

To make sure the sale of your online enterprise goes smoothly and by plan, it will require careful preparation. Some experts say that this preparation should begin years before the actual sale.

Sell your Website, Webproject, Affiliate-Blog, Onlinestore & Domain here

Steps of preparation

To sell your website or online shop not above or below its value, it is important that you become familiar with all the relevant data from previous years. Having this information will greatly help you to determine a selling price. This sum is made up of profits, revenue, expenses and equity. The more specific this information is, the easier it will be for you to calculate an accurate value of your company. If you have this data in the bag, there is still one question left: How much value has the company for you?

Actually, one should not have to mention it, however, when it comes to selling, openness and transparency inspire confidence in potential customers and facilitate a smooth selling procedure. Experts recommend that you present the data as they really are, without trying to portray the company as something that it is not. Particularly the profits are interesting to potential buyers. Profits are more than just a number. The profit shows the economic success of the company. Every potential buyer will carefully review the profits before he even considers to buy; the profits are one of the main criteria which will come under scrutiny.

If the potential buyer finds any kind of discrepancies in the figures of the profit, his interest in your company will drop immensely. In some cases, he might even try to manipulate the sales price of your enterprise. If you already know about any flaws, the preparation time is a good time to eradicate them. Watch out for:

  • Litigation
  • Pension arrears
  • From the tax office unaudited fiscal years
  • Long-term liabilities

How do you make your business more attractive

What you want is to put your business in an as good as possible light. In other words, as soon as you are thinking of selling up get familiar with the trends. Focus on the expectations and requirements of potential buyers. These include things like:

  • Straightforward corporate structure
  • Flawless reporting
  • Business goals
  • The interpretation of IFRS demand parameters

Once you are ready to give your business up for sale, you can easily do this through the Projekt Börse. We are a platform which entirely is dedicated to the buying and selling websites and web shops. The procedure is simple. You promote your site with an add, and we bring you into contact with prospective buyers. Therefore, create your ad today. This will help us to expand our portfolio and helps you to get easily and conveniently in contact with potential customers.

Here are some tips what is important tips to create an ad which appeals to a potential buyer:

Headline and a picture:

  • The customer wants to see what it is in your company at a glance

Other elements would be:

  • Name of the web project
  • State of the company:
    (Receipts and the like)


  • Start-up, online store, etc.

Examples of ads that appeal to a customer:

  • A good running Online Store „Name“ with current revenues
  • Online shop for children’s fashions
  • Well-attended blog about trips abroad with monetisation potential
  • Affiliated projects on Antique for passive income

With a little imagination, there are no limits for you.

What are the different online projects and which data motivates a potential customer:

Amazon affiliated project:

  • To which niche does the project belong
  • What is the conversion rate
  • What is the revenue.

Dropshipping Store

  • What is the number of visitors
  • Advertising (how, when and where)
  • Fixed running costs.

Info blog, monetised with AdSense

  • How many visitors does the blog attract
  • How many clicks through AdSense

Own shop with storage

  • What is the current value of goods – including, or excluding tax?
  • Are there any legal problems on the part of suppliers
  • Ongoing fixed costs

Amazon FBA

  • What are the current Amazon Fees
  • Current Value

Sell your Website, Webproject, Affiliate-Blog, Onlinestore & Domain here

What documents will a potential buyer require:

General Information:

  • Domain name and TLD
  • Theme/category
  • Current revenue / sales
  • Measures to generate revenue (AdSense, affiliate marketing?)
  • Traffic (user bounce rate)
  • Page rank?
  • Search engine placement?
  • SEO?
  • Age of the domain/project
  • CMS?
  • Advertising partners? Can be transferred?
  • Costs that lie ahead for buyers? (Advertising, Hosting?)
  • Further legal obligations?
  • Rights / licenses for content / pictures?
  • Workload
  • What is sold with the company?
  • Reason for sale

Specifically for Online Shops:

  • Can delivery contracts be signed over?
  • Average profit margin
  • How many customers are registered?
  • Which transit procedure is used (drop shipping)?

Selling your web enterprise through the Projekt Börse is simple. Every day our display page is visited by hundreds of buyers and sellers. You will not have to wait long until potential buyers contact you.